Electricity Generation Company of TÜRKİYE- EÜAŞ

Electricity Generation Company (EÜAŞ) is a state-owned company which is founded on October 2001 to generate electricity efficiently and profitably. As of 2016, with its total installed capacity of 20.145 MW, provided %25.6 of installed capacity and with its 46.5 billion kWh electricity generation, provided %17 of total Türkiye electricity generation.

The overall responsibilities of EÜAŞ for hydraulic and thermal power plants under its jurisdiction are: Operating the existing plants, Running the newly built hydraulic power plants transferred by DSI (directorate-general of state hydraulic works), Maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of the power plants under operation, Constructing new electricity generation plant in case Council of Ministers Cabinet gives permission.

EÜAŞ has 14billion TL paid capital and total number of employees is 6.731 (as of 2016).