Presentations & Videos

ECHOES project presentation

Brief presentation of the ECHOES project by our project coordinator Prof. Dr. Christian A. Klöckner. Dr. Klöckner explains what is ECHOES, who is working in it, which are its main objectives and the expected results.


An Analysis of the Potential of Advanced Social Science Knowledge in Policymaking (Deliv. 3.3) 

Description of this report that analyses recent energy policy and strategy documents from the EU level, via the Member State level, down to the regional level for how social science knowledge is reflected in them and which assumptions about human energy behaviour they reflect. Full report is available at the following URL: Potential of advanced Social Science Knowledge in policymaking


The impact of “Energy memories” on Energy Cultures and energy consumption patterns (Deliv. 5.2)

A video about the "energy memories" concept and its impact on energy culture. This is part of the report on the impact of "Energy memories" produced in the ECHOES project that is availabe here: Report on the impact of energy memories.  

The European Union's goals for climate and energy

 A video by the European Commission explaining how the new 2030 goals for climate and energy will help make th EU more competitive, secure and sustainable.


 The Global Energy Transition

A video by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) that shows us that the global energy transition is underway.