There is a nuclear power plant in Austria that has never been used.

The Zwentendorf nuclear power plant was completely built but was mothballed before it was ever put into operation.

The Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant, situated near Vienna, Austria, is the only reactor in the world which has been completely built, but mothballed before it was ever put into operation. Never before has it been possible to film in a real nuclear power plant. However, today it is possible to do this. Now you may film scenes for movies, TV series, even commercials in a unique, realistic environment – an actual nuclear reactor.

AKW Zwentendorf

Photo credit: zürichsee via / CC BY-ND

A photovoltaic plant was put into operation on the roof and the outer portions of the plant in 2009. The plant provides an average of 180,000 kilowatts of electrical energy annually. The initial nuclear reactor was conceived to provide 732 megawatts of electricity, enough for 1.8 million households.

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