The Spanish municipality of Muras (Galicia) has the cheapest electricity bill in Spain.

This is made possible by the taxes paid by the power companies operating the wind farms located in its territory.

Muras is a little village in the Spanish autonomous comunity of Galicia with a population of 668 inhabitants. The municipality of Muras finances the electric bills of its citizens with the money coming from the taxes paid by the enterprises operating the wind farms located in its territory.

The mayor of Muras argues that it is just an issue of social justice. For several years the beneifts of producing this energy were only for the power companies and had no effect on the neighbours of Muras who were those suffering the noise and the visual impact of the wind generators.

So from 2016 on, all those residing in Muras receive between a 70% and a 100% of their electric bills. The highest coverage is for the families with the lowest incomes.

More detailed information (in Spanish) is available here.