The Futur-e Project: how to redevelop disused industrial sites as development opportunities for the local area and the Italian industrial system.

The project is leaded by the Enel company and aims to transfrom 23 power plants in Italy into "ecosustainable" places dedicated to science, art, culture, tourism or new industrial activities.

Futur-e represents a unique example worldwide, in which a company leads a process to redevelop disused industrial sites, which differ in terms of size and location, making it a development opportunity for the local area and for the Italian industrial system.

Futur-e aims to transform 23 power plants in Italy, in the concept of the circular economy, into ecosustainable places dedicated to science, art, culture or tourism, and new industrial activities.

These are power plants producing a total of 13 GW which used non-renewable sources, based on obsolete or inefficient technology, and which therefore are no longer competitive on an energy market in which generation from large plants is giving way to increasingly distributed production using renewable sources.

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