Finland has the world's most energy-saving supermarket. Half of the energy it consumes is solar in origin.

Under VTT's leadership the S-market in the neighborhood of Tuira (Oulu, Finland) is the world's most energy-efficient supermarket: it consumes only 40% of the energy a normal grocery store does.

On sunny days half of all the electricity consumed by this supermarket comes from the solar panel installed on its roof. In addition, energy use can be managed by levelling out consumption peaks on the power grid. Renewable solar energy even enables the occasional disconnection of the shop's cold chain from grid electricity. For example, the mornings, when energy prices are low, are the best time to store kilowatts for later use.

This solution is saving the retailer around EUR 180.000 in energy costs.

If this same concept were introduced in all S Group grocery stores, this would have a mayor effect on Finlans's energy balance (the S Group uses around 2% of the total electricity consumption throughout Finland).

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