ECHOES takes part in the "Green Week" event to be held in Bilbao from 20 to 22 May

The "Green Week" event is held in the framework of the Actívate+ program, an initiative by the Bizkaia Provincial Council for the promotion of citizen participation in favour of environmental sustainability.

The "Green Week" is a 3-day event focused on involving citizens with innovative solutions to make cities greener, contribute to improving the quality of life and reduce their contribution to climate change. Main activities during the event include: documentary films, talks and open discussions between experts and citizens. The event has been developed under the warranty seal "Erronka Garbia" that certifies that the design and execution of the event complies with some sustainability criteria.

In the context of the "Green Week", Echoes will participate in a debate about how the society faces the issue of climate change.

For more information about the "Green Week" event and its program, click on this URL

Activate program and the Green Week event