ECHOES project will hold its final conference in Trondheim (Norway) 24-25 September

After three years of research ECHOES project wants to share its findings and discuss them with potential users and other researchers. ECHOES will show how people are involved in changing energy contexts can have an impact on energy transition processes.

The transformation of the European energy system into a more efficient and more responsible system as envisioned in the Energy Union, needs citizen understanding and involvement. In this framework, there is a growing demand of policy makers for understanding human behaviour as well as tools to activate citizens and steer human behaviour towards sustainable transformations of societies.

Aftter three years of research the aim of the final ECHOES conference is to provide insights and a discussion space around the results of the project in the context of policy-making processes connected to the Energy Union and other research in this domain.

We welcome experts in energy transition policies from the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament (and their advisors) from energy ministries, national, regional agencies, and city representatives, experts from companies involved in energy efficiency markets, academics studying energy behaviour and practices, NGOs, consultants and any stakeholders interested in understanding the key factors that influence citizens’ energy choices as well as researchers and students from the energy field and members of the interested public.

Participation is free but you have to register here