ECHOES project team will meet next week in Rome

The Universitá degli Studi Roma Tre will be hosting the next ECHOES project meeting that will be held at its premises in Rome the next 11-13 September.

The next 11th to 13th of September ECHOES project partners will hold a meeting in Rome, at the premises of the Universitá degli Studi Roma Tre, in order to monitor the project evolution and its work packages.

ECHOES is structured in eight work packages:

  • WP1: is related to the whole project management.
  • WP2: this package has the aim of building an open-access database with existing and new Social Science and Humanities data on drivers of energy choices.
  • WP3: this package will provide a synthesis of the state of the art knowledge from the three perspectives covered in ECHOES (micro, meso, macro), and its exploited and unexploited policy potential.
  • WP4: this package will provide information on the basic mechanisms linking the individual group and collective processes involved in sustainable human behaviour, in energy choices.
  • WP5: aims to produce an innovative typology of energy lifestyles to be applied in different social energy realities throughout Europe, thus enabling a comparison of key characteristics of these behavioural groups.
  • WP6: will provide a basis for the development of a decision tree algorithm, to be used as an instrument to establish integrated governance and monitoring processes for the Energy Union.
  • WP7: deals with policy-ready recommendations resulting from all outputs of the project.
  • WP8: is focused on project communication and dissemination issues.

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