ECHOES participates in the workshop "Making the best use of SSH in the clean energy transition"

Together with SHAPE ENERGY, Energy-SHIFTS and SMARTEES projects, ECHOES took part in session 1 of this workshop discussing about lessons learned from H2020 energy projects. 

Our colleagues Jed Cohen (JKU-EI) and Tina Koljonen (VTT) presented ECHOES project in session 1 of this workshop with the topic: Lessons from H2020 energy-SSH projects: how do these demonstrate the worth of energy-SSH and what are the policy recommendations?

The workshop was organised by EERA , VTT Technical Research Centre, Anglia Ruskin University, and the European Commission (DG Energy and RTD). 

Social Science and Humanities can help to better understand where people's concerns come from and how they can be addressed when designing policy measures. The workshop presented lessons and recommendations from recent SSH H2020 projects and discussed how they could be better integrated into EU policies.

Below a small video-clip with Jed Cohen's and Tina Koljonen's presentations: